God’s Gift To Yoda

That’s right… God’s Gift To Yoda.  To hear (and purchase) our very special album, “This Album Is Not For People” visit our Bandcamp page

God’s Gift To Yoda is a very special project bringing together four creative minds, and conjuring some very menacing sounds!  A collaboration between Harley Card (guitar), Don Scott (guitar), Michael Herring (bass), and Nico Dann (drums), explores instrumental compositions & improvisations centred around 2 guitars, and the inherent powers they possess.  Visceral and intuitive interactions, heavy grooves, wild chaotic outbursts, and the right dose of humour can all be expected when these four musicians get togther.  See below for our ridiculous album writeup…

Tarantula Gargantua!God, Yoda, these archetypes run through our society like bran. God’s Gift to Yoda, on the other hand, is a more arcane entity, existing outside of the archetypical musics such as rock, jazz and that dreaded word fusion. Have you ever watched Mulholland Drive? I didn’t, but if I had, I would definitely compare God’s Gift To Yoda to a David Lynch film. A post-modern hoity-toity pastiche? No. Some scenes in this metaphoric movie might include nostalgic sepia-toned slow motion “good times”, heavy metal soundtracked beach mishaps, and a non-fusion-post-bop-modern-jazz-rock-opera. However, you won’t find ironic detachment with God’s Gift To Yoda. You’ll find comic book burst balloons of SPACK! GACK! BAM! FZPHT! and that’s just during a sound check. Fortunately you have an opportunity to find out what they do sound like on their new album, This Album Is Not For People.
It is a well recognized fact, that in most instances, except maybe rashes, that two is better than one. In the case of God’s Gift To Yoda, the twofer comes in the form of guitars, operated by Harley Card and Don Scott. While recording This Album Is Not For People, they shared monitors, choosing to blast each other in the face with effects, rather than using headphones behind closed doors like most people with good manners. Bassist Michael Herring and drummer Nico Dann both showed this discretion, but that might have been because of the channa roti consumed prior to recording that forced them into quarantine. Do you like vacations? This album was cajoled into existence in the Musokas, a vacationy district with a real lake north of Toronto. Despite one minor scare with a water snake, the band used their time there constructively, constructiving “evil seagulls” and “cowboy vs patchchord,” amongst other musical interludes to their espressos.
Most albums measure 5 1/2″ x 5″-ish, but God’s Gift To Yoda decided that was not going to be big enough to contain all of their album thank-you’s. After a short tutorial about font size, they quickly learned that their DVD sized CD had lots of blank space. They out-sourced that cover-space to Kevin Parnell and Pete Thorne, who turned it into a comic, which has a clear beginning (with foreboding) and comes to a clean dun-dun-dunn when done.